Claudine Hauri

claudine hauri

Claudine Hauri a Research Assistant Professor with the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Her research focuses on ocean acidification and carbon cycle dynamics. She is a sea-going oceanographer who uses a combination of observations and biogeochemical models to investigate the physical, chemical, and biological processes that control the natural and anthropogenic variability in the ocean’s carbon system. In collaboration with marine ecologists, She is working on linking knowledge of field and model oceanographic studies with experimental biological studies that help improve our understanding of biological responses of marine organisms to ocean acidification and global change. Her interests are primarily in high-latitude systems such as the Arctic and Southern Ocean, but she also studies ocean acidification and carbon cycling in upwelling systems and coral reef ecosystems.

Role at AK CASC: Research Assistant Professor

Group: AK CASC Scientists

Affiliations: UAF International Arctic Research Center

Email Claudine Hauri

Phone:  907-474-7059