Jamie Trammell

jamie trammell

I am a landscape ecologist interested in modeling landscape change with an explicit focus on the integration of socioeconomic and biophysical drivers. I am particularly interested in modeling alternative landscape futures in order to better understand how various environmental drivers combine to determine the future condition of both terrestrial and aquatic systems. I continually work to translate disparate data sources (from climate to social to economic to ecological) into a common geospatial framework for landscape-level analyses, including the integration of aquatic and terrestrial systems, to facilitate visualization and communication. I enjoy working in complex land and seascapes to synthesize our knowledge about a given land or seascape.

I have worked in a variety of environmental contexts from the deserts of the American southwest to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales in Australia, throughout Alaska and into the Canadian boreal, and most recently in the agricultural landscapes of the Magic Valley, Idaho and the Rogue River basin in Oregon.

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Role at AK CASC: Associate Professor

Group: AK CASC Scientists

Affiliations: Southern Oregon University and University of Alaska Anchorage

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