Uma Bhatt

uma bhatt

Dr. Bhatt’s research specialty is climate variability, and she has studied tropical climate for her M.S. and midlatitude air-sea interactions for her Ph.D. and postdoc. For the past decade, her work has focused on Arctic climate as a faculty member at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The majority of Dr. Bhatt’s recent research has been interdisciplinary, collaborating with oceanographers, glaciologists, and biologists. This research employs both models and observations and viewing the Arctic as a whole, thereby helping to better understand how various components of the climate system interact.

  • Science Specialties: Arctic climate variability, climate modeling, terrestrial ecosystems, sea ice
  • Current Research: Role of sea ice in climate variability, Links between climate and arctic tundra vegetation changes, Climate downscaling in Alaska

Role at AK CASC: Professor

Group: AK CASC Scientists

Affiliations: UAF International Arctic Research Center and University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Phone:  907-474-2662