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Joanna Young is a postdoctoral fellow with the AK CASC. Her academic interests are estimating glacier mass loss in a changing climate; applied studies on impacts of glacier loss on downstream ecosystems and freshwater availability; climate change communication; environmental outreach; environmental identity development; STEM education.

She is also the co-founder of a unique, free, wilderness science and mountaineering program for high school girls called Girls on Ice Alaska, which is part of the Inspiring Girls group of programs. Each year, they take a team of 9 teenaged girls from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to explore a remote glacier for 12 days, to learn about glaciers, climate change, the alpine landscape, leadership and self-confidence. Check them out here:

She has also had the opportunity to work with several film crews, most recently as part of a team of glaciologists working on the Dawes Glacier in Southeast Alaska, for a project featured in the National Geographic IMAX film Extreme Weather. Before that, She was also one of the scientists filmed for a German documentary about Alaska: Abenteuer Alaska.
In December 2016, Young was selected to participate in the inaugural expedition of Homeward Bound, a leadership and strategic development program in Antarctica for women in science from around the world.

Her non-academic interests are traveling, exploring the Alaska playground, skiing/packrafting/mountaineering/biking/running (and combining those in different ways to access long, beautiful, Type-II-fun routes), dabbling in climbing/photography/art/cocktail-making.