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USGS Guidelines for the Collection of Continuous Stream Water-Temperature Data in Alaska

A guide to USGS-approved stream water temperature measuring processes in Alaska.

From Icefield to Ocean

A guide to the glacier biome and its role in Alaska ecosystems. Details include melt …

Poster: From Icefield to Ocean

This conceptual diagram describing the role of glaciers in Alaska ecosystems received the 2015 Shoemaker …

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Ecological Drought in Alaska

This report summarizes outcomes from an Alaska Climate Science Center workshop held September 15–16, 2015 …

Five-Year External Review

An external review of all US Climate Adaptation Science Centers was performed in 2017.

Communications Plan

The AK CASC Communications Plan was developed in 2018 to align the communication efforts of …

Executive Summary: Integrated Ecosystem Model (IEM)

An executive summary of the current state of research and development on the Integrated Ecosystem …

Supplement: Integrated Ecosystem Model (IEM)

Details the state of availability of various outputs of the Integrated Ecosystem Model project.

Drought in the Rainforest: A Primer for Southeast Alaska

A primer on the impacts of recent drought throughout southeast Alaska on water, fish, power …

The Alaska CASC: Adapting to Climate Change

A one-page document created to provide an overview of the activities and research focus areas …

Annual Report 2022

A public information report on the activities of the AK CASC.

Annual Report 2023

A public information report on the activities of the AK CASC.

What We Do at the Alaska CASC

A summary of recent activities of the Alaska CASC.

Cloudberry in a Changing Climate: Threats and Opportunities

A summary of cloudberry growth, flowers, pollination, fruits and seeds, mutualists and plant enemies, human …