A synthesis dataset of permafrost-affected soil thermal conditions for Alaska, USA

Recent observations of near-surface soil temperatures over the circumpolar Arctic show accelerated warming of permafrost-affected soils. The availability of a comprehensive near-surface permafrost and active layer dataset is critical to better understanding climate impacts and to constraining permafrost thermal conditions and its spatial distribution in land system models. We compiled a soil temperature dataset from 72 monitoring stations in Alaska using data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Park Service, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks permafrost monitoring networks. The array of monitoring stations spans a large range of latitudes from 60.9 to 71.3∘ N and elevations from near sea level to ∼1300 m, comprising tundra and boreal forest regions. This dataset consists of monthly ground temperatures at depths up to 1 m, volumetric soil water content, snow depth, and air temperature during 1997-2016. These data have been quality controlled in collection and processing. Meanwhile, we implemented data harmonization evaluation for the processed dataset. The final product (PF-AK, v0.1) is available at the Arctic Data Center (https://doi.org/10.18739/A2KG55).


Wang, K., Jafarov, E., Schaefer, K., Overeem, I., Romanovsky, V.E., Clow, G., Urban, F., Cable, W., Piper, M., Schwalm, C., Zhang, T., Kholodov, A., Sousanes, P., Loso, M., Swanson, D., and Hill, K.. 2018. A synthesis dataset of permafrost-affected soil thermal conditions for Alaska, USA. Earth System Science Data. 10(4): https://www.earth-syst-sci-data.net/10/2311/2018/. DOI: 10.18739/A2KG55.