In this case study, we examine disaster recovery in Galena, a small village in Interior Alaska. In May 2013, a massive ice jam on the Yukon River caused flooding that destroyed much of the community’s infrastructure and forced the long-term evacuation of over 66% of residents. In this work, we analyze the virtual relief networks that developed on Facebook immediately after the flooding in relation to more traditional media and agency press release activity. By contrasting communication channels, we establish the importance of a connection to outside populations during disaster recovery.


Taylor, K. M., R. Hum, and Y. Kontar.. 2016. Comparative Analysis of Virtual Relief Networks and Communication Channels During Disaster Recovery After a Major Flood in Galena, Alaska, Spring 2013. In Drake, L. Jeanette, Kontar, Y. Yekaterina, Eichelberger, C. John, Rupp, Scott T. and Taylor, M. Karen, ed. Cham: Springer International Publishing. 151-171.