About our logo

Our logo emphasizes Alaska’s iconic imagery and ever-present position at the forefront of climate change:

  • The sharp-angled colored shapes symbolize the Northern Lights and ice, and hint at a climate-warming graph.
  • The white mountain shape symbolizes well-known Alaska topography, the cryosphere, a variety of ecosystems, and a climate-warming graph.
  • The blue shapes at the bottom symbolize the coast, freshwater and marine ecosystems, and non-mountain land areas.

The hexagonal shape enclosing the design is reminiscent of the blocky surface patterns of permafrost landscapes.

Though our look is changing, our ongoing efforts to produce Alaska-specific climate data to meet state needs around climate impacts, adaptation, and resilience remain the same.

Download the AK CASC logo

Please contact us with questions about logo usage (don't stretch, squash, or change colors), or if you need a different file format or special size.

The new logo incorporates elements from across the state and our scientific disciplines.