Research Publications

Since 2012, our affiliated scientists have published more than 200 papers, book chapters, and other publications resulting from AK CASC-funded research. Copyright laws prohibit us from publishing most peer-reviewed journal articles, but we provide links to journals, some of which are accessible without a subscription.

2023Tree-Ring Derived Avalanche Frequency and Climate Associations in a High-Latitude, Maritime ClimatePeitzsch, E. H., Hood, E., Harley, J. R., Stahle, D. K., Kichas, N. E., & Wolken, G. J.
2023Hypoxia vulnerability in the salmon watersheds of Southeast AlaskaSergeant, C. J., Bellmore, J. R., Bellmore, R. A., Falke, J. A., Mueter, F. J., & Westley, P. A.
2023Redistributing Power in Community and Citizen Science: Effects on Youth Science Self-Efficacy and InterestClement S, Spellman K, Oxtoby L, Kealy K, Bodony K, Sparrow E, Arp C
2023A research agenda for the science of actionable knowledge: Drawing from a review of the most misguided to the most enlightened claims in the science-policy interface literatureJagannathan K, Emmanuel G, Arnott J, Mach KJ, Bamzai-Dodson A, Goodrich K, Meyer R, Neff M, Sjostrom KD, Timm KMF, Turnhout E, Wong-Parodi G, Bednarek AT, Meadow A, Dewulf A, Kirchhoff CJ, Moss RH, Nichols L, Oldach E, Carmen Lemos M, Klenk N
2023Removing Barriers to Science and the Outdoors for Teenage Youth and Early Career Professionals in the US Arctic and Beyond: An Expedition-Based ModelYoung J, Clement S, Pettit E
2023Alaska Terrestrial and Marine Climate Trends, 1957-2021Ballinger TJ, Bhatt US, Bieniek PA, Brettschneider B, Lader RT, Littell JS, Thoman RL, Waigl CF, Walsh JE, Webster MA
2023Trees in the Stream: Determining Patterns of Terrestrial Dissolved Organic Matter Contributions to the Northeast Pacific Coastal Temperate RainforestBehnke MI, Fellman JB, D'Amore DV, Spencer RGM
2023What Does Equitable Co-production Entail? Three PerspectivesAkerlof KL, Tim KMF, Chase A, Cloyd ET, Heath E, McGhghy BA, Bamzai-Dodson A, Bogard G, Carter S, Garron J, Gavazzi M, Kettle N, Labriole M, Littell JS, Madajewicz M, Reyes J, Rivers III L, Sheats JL, Simpson CF, Toohey RC
2020Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today Training Two ReportChase M, Heeringa K, Littell J, Toohey R, Tankersley M (eds.)
2020Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today Training One ReportChase M, Littell J, Toohey R, Tankersley M (eds.)
2020Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today Community Report Kwigillingok, AKCommunity of Kwigillingok, Littell JS, Fresco N, Toohey RC, Chase M (eds.)
2020Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today Community Report Kotlik, AKCommunity of Kotlik, Littell JS, Fresco N, Toohey RC, Chase M (eds.)
2020Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today Community Report Quinhagak, AKCommunity of Quinhagak, Littell JS, Fresco N, Toohey RC, Chase M (eds.)
2020Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today Community Report St. Michael, AKCommunity of St. Michael, Littell JS, Fresco N, Toohey RC, Chase M (eds)
2020Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today Community Report Iliamna, AKCommunity of Iliamna, Littell JS, Fresco N, Toohey RC, Chase M (eds)
2021The evolution of stream dissolved organic matter composition following glacier retreat in coastal watersheds of southeast AlaskaHolt AD, Fellman JB, Hood E, Kellerman AM, Raymond P, Stubbins A, Dittmar T, Spencer RGM
2023Modeling coho salmon population response to streamflow and water temperature extremesBellmore JR, Sergeant CR, Bellmore RA, Falke JA, Fellman JB
2022A melting cryosphere constrains fish growth by synchronizing the seasonal phenology of river food websBellmore JR, Fellman JB, Hood E, Dunkle MR, Edwards RT
2023Glacier runoff influences biogeochemistry and resource availability in coastal temperate rainforest streams: Implications for juvenile salmon growthFellman JB, Bellmore JR, Johnson C, Dunkle MR, Hood E
2023Evaluating Drought Indices for AlaskaJoshua M. Walston, Stephanie A. McAfee, and Daniel J. McEvoy
2023Aquatic biomass is a major source to particulate organic matter export in large Arctic riversMegan I. Behnke, Suzanne E. Tank, James W. McClellan, Robert M. Holmes, Negar Haghipour, Timothy I. Eglinton, Peter A. Raymond, Anya Suslova, Alexander V. Zhulidov, Tatiana Gurtovaya, Nikita Zimov, Sergey Zimov, Edda A. Mutter, Edwin Amos, Robert G. M. Sp
2023Climate Indicators of Landslide Risks on Alaska National Park Road CorridorsLader, Rick, Pamela Sousanes, Uma S. Bhatt, John E. Walsh, and Peter A. Bieniek
2021Climate Change Effects on North American Fish and Fisheries to Inform Adaptation StrategiesCraig Paukert, Julian D. Olden, Abigail J. Lynch, David D. Breshears, R. Christopher Chambers, Cindy Chu, Margaret Daly, Kimberly L. Dibble, Jeff Falke, Dan Issak, Peter Jacobson, Olaf P. Jensen, Daphne Munroe
2022Factors Controlling a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Derived Root-Zone Soil Moisture Product over The Seward Peninsula of AlaskaJulian Dann, Katrina E. Bennett, W. Robert Bolton, Cathy J. Wilson
2022Projections of Hydroclimatic Extremes in Southeast Alaska under the RCP8.5 ScenarioRick Lader, Uma S. Bhatt, John E. Walsh, Peter A. Bieniek
2021Climate Change, Farming, and Gardening in Alaska: Cultivating OpportunitiesFresco, N.; Bennett, A.; Bieniek, P.; Rosner, C.
2021A Changing Hydrological Regime: Trends in Magnitude and Timing of Glacier Ice Melt and Glacier Runoff in a High Latitude Coastal WatershedYoung, J. C., Pettit, E., Arendt, A., Hood, E., Liston, G. E., & Beamer, J.
2021Emerging Anthropogenic Influences on the Southcentral Alaska Temperature and Precipitation Extremes and Related Fires in 2019Bhatt, U.S.; Lader, R.T.; Walsh, J.E.; Bieniek, P.A.; Thoman, R.; Berman, M.; Borries-Strigle, C.; Bulock, K.; Chriest, J.; Hahn, M.; Hendricks, A.S.; Jandt, R.; Little, J.; McEvoy, D.; Moore, C.; Rupp, T.S.; Schmidt, J.; Stevens, E.; Strader, H.; Waigl,
2020‘You really see it’: environmental identity shifts through interacting with a climate change-impacted glacier landscapeJoanna C. Young, Laura D. Carsten Conner, Erin Pettit
2020Northern Ecohydrology of Interior Alaska Subarctic. In Yang, D et al., Arctic hydrology, permafrost, and ecosystem: linkages and interactionsYoung-Robertson, J., Bolton, W., and R.C. Toohey.
2020Stormflows drive stream carbon concentration, speciation, and dissolved organic matter composition in coastal temperate rainforest watershedsFellman, J. B., Hood, E., Behnke, M. I., Welker, J. M., & Spencer, R. G. M.
2020Glacier loss impacts riverine organic carbon transport to the oceanHood, E., Fellman, J. B., & Spencer, R.G. M.
2019Managing Effects of Drought and Other Water Resource Challenges in Alaska and the Pacific NorthwestHalofsky, J. E.; Littell, J. S.; Peterson, D. L.; Hayward, G. D.; Gravenmier, R.
2020Using Information From Global Climate Models to Inform Policymaking—The Role of the US Geological SurveyTerando, A., Reidmiller, D., Hostetler, S.W., Littell, J.S., Beard Jr, T.D., Weiskopf, S.R., Belnap, J. and Plumlee, G.S.
2018Glaciers and ice caps outside Greenland (in “State of the Climate in 2017”)Wolken, G.J., Wouters, B., Sharp, M., Andreassen, L.M., Baker, E.H. , Burgess, D., Kohler, J., Luks, B., and O'Neel, S.
2020The record low Bering Sea ice extent in 2018: Context, impacts and an assessment of the role of anthropogenic climate changeThoman, R.L., Bhatt, U.S., Bieniek, P.A., Brettschneider, B.R., Brubaker, M., Danielson, S.L., Labe, Z., Lader, R., Meier, W.N., Sheffield, G., and Walsh, J.E.
2019Extent changes in the perennial snowfields of Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, AlaskaTedesche, M.E., Trochim, E.D., Fassnacht, S.R., and Wolken, G.J.
2020A classification of streamflow patterns across the coastal Gulf of AlaskaSergeant, C.J., Falke, J.A., Bellmore, R.A., Bellmore, J.R., and Crumley, R.L.
2019Changing characteristics of runoff and freshwater export from watersheds draining Northern AlaskaRawlins, M.A., Cai, L., Stuefer, S.L., and Nicolsky, D.
2019Radiative forcing by dust and black carbon on the Juneau Icefield, AlaskaNagorski, S., Kaspari, S., Hood, E., Fellman, J. and McKenzie Skiles, S.
2020So goes the snow: Alaska snowpack changes in a warming climateLittell, J.S., Reynolds, J.H., Bartz, K.K., McAfee, S.A., and Hayward, G.
2020Risk and recreation in a glacial environment: Understanding glacial lake outburst foods at Bear Glacier in Kenai Fjords National ParkKurtz, D. and Wolken, G.
2020Deglacierization of a marginal basin and implications for outburst floods, Mendenhall Glacier, AlaskaKienholz, C., Pierce, J., Hood, E., Amundson J., Wolken, G., Jacobs, A., Hart, S., Wikstrom Jones, K., Abdel-Fattah, D., Johnson, B., and Conaway, J.
2019Salmon-derived nutrient and organic matter fluxes from a coastal catchment in southeast AlaskaHood, E., Fellman, J., Edwards, R.T., D’Amore, D.V. and Scott, D.
2019Converting snow depth to snow water equivalent using climatological variablesHill, D.F., Burakowski, E.A., Crumley, R.L., Keon, J., Hu, J.M., Arendt, A.A., Wikstrom Jones, K., and Wolken, G. J.
2019Interactive physical and biotic factors control dissolved oxygen concentrations in salmon spawning streams in coastal AlaskaFellman, J., Hood, E., Nagorski, S., Hudson, J. and Pyare, S.
2020Unfamiliar Territory: Emerging Themes for Ecological Drought Research and ManagementCrausbay, S. D., Betancourt, J., Bradford, J., Cartwright, J., Dennison, W.C., Dunham, J., Enquist, C. A. F., Frazier, A. G., Hall, K. R., Littell, J. S., Luce, C.H., Palmer, R., Ramirez, A. R. Rangwala, I., Thompson, L., Walsh, B. M., Carter, S.
2020Dynamical Downscaling for Southeast Alaska: Historical Climate and Future ProjectionsLader, R., A. Bidlack, J. E. Walsh, U. S. Bhatt, and P. A. Bieniek
2020Increased drought severity tracks warming in the United States’ largest river basinMartin, J. T., Pederson, G.T., Woodhouse, C. A., Cook, E. R., McCabe, G. J., Anchukaitis, K. J., Wise, E. K., Erger, P. J., Dolan, L., McGuire, M., Gangopadhyay, S., Chase, K. J., Littell, J. S., Gray, S. T., St. George, S., Friedman, J. M., Sauchyn, D. J
2020A Comparison of Fire Weather Indices with MODIS Fire Days for the Natural Regions of AlaskaZiel, R.H., Bieniek, P.A.; Bhatt, U.S., Strader, H., Rupp, T.S., York, A.
2020Climate and disturbance driven changes in subsistence berries in coastal Alaska: Using Indigenous knowledge to inform ecological inferenceHerman, Mercer, N., Loehman, R.A., Toohey, R.C. and Paniyak, C.
2018Interactive physical and biotic factors control dissolved oxygen concentrations in salmon spawning streams in coastal AlaskaFellman, J., Hood, E., Nagorski, S., Hudson, J. and Pyare, S.
2019The 2016 Lamplugh rock avalanche, Alaska: deposit structures and emplacement dynamicsDufresne, A., Wolken, G.J., Hibert, C., Bessette-Kirton, E.K., Coe, J.A., Geertsema, M., and Ekström, G.
2019Impact of glacier loss and vegetation succession on annual basin runoffCarnahan, E., Amundson, J., and Hood, E.
2020Glaciers and climate of the Upper Susitna basin, AlaskaBliss, A., Hock, R., Wolken, G., Whorton, E., Aubry-Wake, C., Braun, J., Gusmeroli, A., Harrison, W., Hoffman, A., Liljedahl, A., and Zhang, J.
2020Lightning variability in dynamically downscaled simulations of Alaska’s present and future summer climateBieniek, P.A., Bhatt, U.S., York, A., Walsh, J., Lader, R., Strader, H., Ziel, R., and Thoman, R.L.
2016Wildfire risk as a socio-ecological pathologyFischer, A.P., Spies, T.A., Steelman, T.A., Moseley, C., Johnson, B.R., Bailey, J.D., Ager, A.A., Bourgeron, P., Charnley, S., Collins, B.M., Kline, J.D., Leahy, J.E., Littell, J.S., Milligan, J.D.A., Nielsen-Pincus, M., Olsen, C.S., Paveglio, T.B., Roos, C.I., Steen-Adams, M.M., Stevens, F.R., Vukomanovic, J., White, E.M., and Bowman, D.M.J.S
2014Watershed glacier coverage influences dissolved organic matter biogeochemistry in SE AlaskaFellman, J. B., E. Hood, R. G. M. Spencer, A. Stubbins, P. A. Raymond
2019Warming Effects of Spring Rainfall Increase Methane Emissions From Thawing PermafrostNeumann, R.B., Moorberg, C.J., Lundquist, J.D., Turner, J.C., Waldrop, M.P., McFarland, J.W., Euskirchen, E.S., Edgar, C.W., and Turetsky, M.R.
2019Vulnerability of Subsistence Systems Due to Social and Environmental Change: A Case Study in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, AlaskaHerman-Mercer, N., Laituri, M., Toohey, R., Matkin, E., Massey, M., Schuster, P., and Elder, K.
2013Vertical seismic profiling of glaciers: appraising multi-phase mixing modelsGusmeroli, A., T. Murray, R.A. Clark, B. Kulessa, P. Jansson
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2019Valdez Glacier ice-dammed lake: June 2018 glacial lake outburst floodWikstrom Jones, K., and Wolken, G.J.
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2013Toward an Alaska prototype for the Arctic Vegetation ArchiveBreen, A. L., M. K. Raynolds, S. Hennekens, M. D. Walker & D. A. Walker
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