Past Learning Network Trainings

The Alaska Tribal Resilience Learning Network hosts a variety of workshops and events that provide support for Alaska Tribes, Leadership, and Indigenous communities as they respond and adapt to the current and future impacts of climate change. Read an overview of these trainings and download the training reports to learn more about the objectives and content of each event. For information on upcoming trainings and opportunities, see our events calendar

Tribal Wellness in Climate Adaptation

In August 2021, the AK CASC Tribal Resilience Learning Network hosted a training, Elevating Ancestral Practices: Tribal Wellness in Climate Adaptation Planning, that aimed to support climate adaptation planning in Alaska Indigenous communities through collaborative discussions with Tribes, applying local cultural knowledge and practices, and utilizing local expertise on trauma and wellness paired with a successful framework that has been used by other Tribes.

Training Goals

  1. Participants will get grounded in ancestral knowledge, resilience, strength, and awareness of traditional practices that nurture well-being.
  2. Participants will increase knowledge of the impact of trauma and stress on relationships and relationality and explore how those are both important to collective decision-making, teamwork, and healing.
  3. Participants will increase understanding of how to utilize cultural, traditional, and contemporary resilience and well-being strategies in a modern, fast-paced, and changing environment.
  4. Participants will increase awareness of community wellness and resilience strategies in climate adaptation planning.

Training Reports

Wellness Training Summary Report
Planting the Seeds: Historical Trauma and the Influence of Culture on Resilience, Hope, and Wellness


"Seeing things from different points of view, and learning of Native traditions, experiences, and cultural similarities brings us all together. We realize we are all in this together and we all have a responsibility to each other and this world." - 2021 participant feedback

Building Resilience Today Training Series

The Looking Forward, Looking Back: Building Resilience Today workshop series was hosted in the spring of 2019 through the spring of 2020. The goal of the trainings was to provide Alaska Tribal communities who are experiencing climate change with the information, support, and climate science to plan and adapt for uncertain futures.

The workshop was hosted by AK CASC and the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association. Five Tribes participated in two trainings and held local workshops that aimed to help these partnering communities craft sections of a climate adaptation plan.

Training Goals

  1. Increase knowledge about the earth’s climate system from Indigenous Knowledge and western climate science, including past experiences and observations, impacts, and projections of change.
  2. Increase awareness of tools, resources, and approaches for climate adaptation planning and decision-making.
  3. Facilitate cross-community learning about how other communities, Tribes, and organizations are responding to and planning for climate-related impacts.
  4. Document traditional areas of interest, key subsistence species, and environmental changes that are important to each community.
  5. Develop a synthesis document for each community that summarizes Indigenous knowledge species and significant traditional/sustainable practices that Tribes want to perpetuate.

Training Reports

training report 1 cover

The BRT training reports provide an overview of the objectives, design, and content of two trainings held during the BRT project.

Training Report One
Training Report Two


Community Reports

kotlik community report cover Kotlik Report
St. Michael Report
Kwigillingok Report
Illiamna Report