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Water Cycle illustration.

USGS releases new water cycle illustrations

By Mike Delue | January 6, 2023

The USGS has published a series of water cycle diagrams which illustrate the flow of water through natural and human-impacted earth systems. Whether as frozen highways, churning seas, or thawed rivers and streams full of…

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Factors Controlling a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Derived Root-Zone Soil Moisture Product over The Seward Peninsula of Alaska

Root-zone soil moisture exerts a fundamental control on vegetation, energy balance, and the carbon cycle in Arctic ecosystems, but it is still not well understood in vast, remote, and understudied regions of discontinuous permafrost. The…

Projections of Hydroclimatic Extremes in Southeast Alaska under the RCP8.5 Scenario

Parts of southeast Alaska experienced record drought in 2019, followed by record daily precipitation in late 2020 with substantial impacts to human health and safety, energy resources, and fisheries. To help ascertain whether these types…