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Maggie Harings stands in ankle-deep water using a scientific instrument to sample river water for eDNA analysis.

AK CASC to continue as University of Alaska-USGS partnership

By Mike Delue | September 25, 2023

The new Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center hosting agreement will bring with it 11.4 million dollars in funding and continue a 14-year long collaboration between the University of Alaska (UA) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The center, part of a national network, will continue to provide regionally relevant climate science to support climate change adaptation by connecting government agencies, researchers, and local decision-makers over the course of the 5-year agreement ending in 2028. The centers, stood up first in Alaska and now spanning the nation, address a growing demand for researchers skilled in serving the adaptation science needs…

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mendenhall glacier

Climate Projections for Southeast Alaska

The Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center has worked with stakeholders to produce high-resolution climate projections for Southeast Alaska as part of the Streamflow Models in Southeast Alaska pilot project.

These maps have been created by dynamically downscaling climate data from historical (1981-2010) and projected (2031-2060) time periods.

Dynamical downscaling is a numerical modeling technique that uses low-resolution global climate data to produce higher-resolution, local-scale information. These localized data can then be used to support the decision-making processes of natural resource managers and other stakeholders.