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glacier in alaska and coastal mountain, Hawai'i

Parallels across the Pacific: A new website launches for the Pacific Islands-Alaska CASC collaboration

By Molly Tankersley | April 15, 2022

The Alaska and Pacific Islands CASCs are announcing the launch of a new website designed to share their unique collaborative efforts exploring the effects of climate change on their local, but comparable, watershed ecosystems. Thousands…

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Climate Change, Farming, and Gardening in Alaska: Cultivating Opportunities

Ongoing climate change and associated food security concerns are pressing issues globally, and are of particular concern in the far north where warming is accelerated and markets are remote. The objective of this research was…

A Changing Hydrological Regime: Trends in Magnitude and Timing of Glacier Ice Melt and Glacier Runoff in a High Latitude Coastal Watershed

Compared to freshwater from rain or melted snow, meltwater from glaciers is physically and chemically unique, and serves an important role in high latitude coastal hydrology and ecology. Today, as glaciers worldwide are shrinking, the…