Projects Overview

AK CASC-funded research

We produce data and tools that help to inform natural and cultural resource management decisions. This research includes:

  • High-resolution climate model downscaling
  • Wildfire and vegetation dynamics
  • Hydrologic modeling
  • Permafrost dynamics
  • Glacier dynamics

The Project Explorer is a searchable database of CASC-funded research projects.

Featured research collaborations

In our current hosting agreement, we are committed to building and strengthening our partnerships with agencies and communities to co-produce actionable science.

Through these collaborative research projects, we are exploring how to better engage with partners and communities to co-produce science that supports management decisions and information needs in response to a rapidly changing climate. See all of our projects on the CASC Project Explorer website.

TitleProject Summary
Arctic and Western Alaska Landscape Change Projects

As the climate warms, resource managers need more precise tools to assess how sensitive the landscapes of arctic and western Alaska may be to change so that they may prepare appropriate conservation strategies.

Glacier Outburst Flood Modeling

Customized tools are needed to forecast the timing and size of outburst floods released from Suicide Basin, an ice-marginal basin on the lower Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau.

Long Term Climate Monitoring

For the vast area of land managed by state and federal agencies in Alaska, a better understanding of existing climate monitoring efforts is needed to improve long term climate monitoring efforts and indicate where to focus new efforts.

arctic valley
Streamflow Models in Southeast Alaska

Resource managers and city planners in Southeast Alaska need a way to predict peak and low freshwater streamflows at the watershed level.

The Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska and Northwest Canada

As the Western Arctic rapidly warms, changes in temperature, precipitation, permafrost, vegetation, and fire are …

Two maps of projected changes in treeline across the IEM spatial domain.
Wildfire Projections in Interior Alaska

As warming temperatures and lessening snowpack lead to drier conditions in Interior Alaska, fire managers increasingly need tools to forecast wildfire trends at seasonal and yearly intervals.