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August 11, 2021
  • August 11, 2021

    AK TRLN Event - Elevating Ancestral Practices: Tribal Wellness in Climate Adaptation Planning

    Alaska’s climate is changing rapidly with Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples experiencing the effects first hand. Climate conditions are significantly impacting community wellbeing, local livelihood, lands, and futures, creating an increase in climate related emotional stress, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss. Including traditional practices as strategies to address climate impacts can promote strength, resilience and adaptation in tribal communities.

    This training is intended to support climate adaptation planning in Alaska Indigenous communities through collaborative discussions with Tribes, applying local cultural knowledge and practices, and utilizing local expertise on trauma and wellness paired with a successful framework that has been used by other Tribes.

    Hosted by the AK Tribal Resilience Learning Network and Working Group

    Co-led by
    • Malinda Chase, Deg Xit'an, AK Tribal Resilience Liaison
    • LaVerne Xilegg Demientieff, Deg Xit'an, LMSW, PhD, Associate Professor, UAF Social Work Department
    • Meda DeWitt, Tlingit, Traditional healer, Ethno-Herbalist, Indigenous Health Advocate
    • Shasta Gaughen, PhD, Environmental Director; Pala Band of Mission Indians, San Diego, CA