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About Climate Data

About Climate Data

This tool explains basic climate tools and shows you how you can use climate data in your work.

A short tour introduces basic terms used in climate modeling, including Global Climate Models, downscaling, and Representative & Extended Concentration Pathways.

Use this interactive map to explore temperature and length of growing season data from three different climate scenarios for 2010-2090.

Created by SNAP at IARC

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Alaska Garden Helper
Alaska Wildfire Daily Count
Community Climate Charts
Community Permafrost Data
Daily Precipitation
Extreme Weather
Historical Sea Ice Atlas
Integrated Arctic Management
Modeled Sea Ice Coverage
NWT Climate Scenarios
Sea Ice and Wind
Alaska Wildfires: Past and Present

Tribal Planning with SNAP Tools

Accessing Data for your Planning Needs

These useful and easy-to-access tools can be used for building Tribal Adaptation Plans, risk assessments, and other planning purposes. They allow quick and easy access to a variety of climate data that can drive planning processes. Assess permafrost risk in your community, understand the future of precipitation events, or assess expert climate projections of temperature with a few clicks. Then export the data in a number of formats to include in your planning processes, or to present to your community.

Complex Questions require a Collaborative Approach

Many critical questions to Tribal planning processes are more complex than projections of temperature or rainfall. The future of subsistence resources like berries and caribou, or the viability of community gardens require the data in some of these tools, coupled with community expertise or data from other sources. These complex questions .... collaborative conversations... expertise and joint communication....

Knowing when to say "We Don't Know"

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