AK CASC Request for Proposals FY 2021

coastal alaska

The Alaska CASC invites proposals for projects to be initiated in the Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2021. AK CASC expects to initiate 5-10 new projects with FY21 funds. For more details on this opportunity, please refer to the full RFP document.

Prospective Investigators are encouraged to contact AK CASC Director Steve Gray to schedule participation in an informational/Q&A session prior to SOI submission. Sessions will be held as needed starting September 22.

Eligible Applicants

Scientists and scholars affiliated with the University of Alaska System (aka, AK CASC University Host) or USGS centers, field stations, and laboratories may submit proposals in response to this Funding Opportunity. Partnerships between University Host scientists and USGS researchers are encouraged. Each proposal must have a Principal Investigator (PI) from an AK CASC University Host institution or from the USGS. Parties from non-eligible organizations can collaborate with eligible organizations and receive funds via subaward. Please direct any questions about eligibility to Steve Gray.

Funding Guidance

Total requested funding for individual projects should not exceed $200,000 (including FY21 and all proposed project years). Exceptions to this funding cap may be considered in limited circumstances and with prior approval from AK CASC Director Steve Gray. The AK CASC will accept proposals for projects that span up to 36 months total, however, out-year activities may be subject to annual approval and, in certain cases, availability of funds.

Application Process

To be considered for this FY 2021 Funding Opportunity, materials must be received by 12pm (noon) Alaska time
on the dates noted below;

Statement of Interest Due: 2 October, 2020
Invitation to Submit Full Proposals: 16 October, 2020
Deadline for Full Proposals: 24 November, 2020
Applicants notified of Intent to Award: 23 December, 2020

All Statements of Interest should be submitted to the CASC RFPManager Portal.

Priority Areas

In keeping with our mission, the AK CASC identifies research priorities tied closely to the needs of natural and cultural resource managers in the Alaska region. Proposals developed in response to this RFP should focus on developing “actionable science” or knowledge that can inform or be applied to specific management challenges, either locally or broadly across Alaska. Proposals should address one or more of the AK CASC Research Priorities identified below, and outline a clear plan to iteratively develop scientific/management questions, collect information, and create science-based knowledge and products. This work must be done in collaboration with stakeholders, and ultimately used to inform climate adaptation, planning, and management. Information on previously funded projects can be found on our Project Overview page.

1. Supporting Climate Adaptation in Alaska Native Communities

The AK CASC seeks proposals that enhance or expand our capacity to support climate adaptation
efforts led by our Tribal partners and in Alaska Native communities more broadly. In particular, we welcome
proposals that leverage previous or ongoing work related to fish and wildlife habitat dynamics in order to
address issues related to subsistence resources and/or aspects of community health, sustainability, and
resilience related to subsistence activities. Similarly, we encourage proposals that would apply research aimed at
characterizing and/or predicting climate variability and change to natural resource management challenges tied
to Alaska Native communities. We anticipate that successful proposals will provide one or more of the

  • Development of AK CASC products and services focused on the climate adaptation needs of Tribes,
  • communities, and other Alaska Native entities.
  • Support for Alaska Native-led research and/or direct participation in research.
  • Support for citizen science activities in Alaska Native communities.
  • Enhanced two-way communication, outreach, and engagement capacity in Alaska Native communities.
  • Technical and/or logistical support for research linked to Alaska Native communities.
  • Add additional value to work originally funded under the TESNAR, SISNAR, and BIA Tribal Resilience programs.

2. Cryosphere Hazards

The AK CASC seeks proposals that examine the influence of climate variability and change on cryosphere hazards, along with their accompanying impacts on fish and wildlife habitat, access to resources, and public safety. We anticipate that successful proposals will become part of a larger portfolio of AK CASC activities aimed at understanding linkages among climate, cryosphere change, and natural resource management and adaptation. In particular, we welcome proposals related to thermokarst events, mass-wasting processes, glacier retreat (including glacial lake outburst floods), and snow avalanches. Proposals related to sea, lake, and/or river ice (including aufeis) may be specifically targeted in subsequent calls, but will be given lower funding priority at
this time.

3. Climate Impacts to Coastal Habitats

The AK CASC welcomes proposals that address new, emerging, or rapidly evolving climate impacts on Alaska’s coastal habitats. Proposals should focus on characterizing connections between these impacts and climate, including historical, contemporary, and projected conditions. We anticipate that successful proposals will also contribute to prediction of future impacts. Projects that explore potential solutions to related challenges are especially encouraged, as are projects that address issues not considered in previously funded AK CASC work. Note that proposal review and selection will be conducted in cooperation with Alaska Sea Grant as part of a larger effort to enhance regional coordination on coastal issues.

4. Adaptation in Alaska’s National Parks and Preserves

The AK CASC seeks proposals that address climate impacts on infrastructure, public safety, visitor experience, and access challenges in the National Parks and Preserves of the Alaska region. In particular, we encourage proposals that promote the incorporation of climate-related information into decision making and planning related to access and infrastructure issues, and/or that can be used to inform subsequent vulnerability assessment activities focused on access to public lands for subsistence and recreation, public safety, visitor experience, etc. Proposals that leverage previous AK CASC-supported work aimed at projecting future climates or characterizing potential landscape change are especially encouraged, as are proposals that also address elements of science priority #2 described above. Strong preference will be given to proposals with a clearly articulated plan for co-producing the proposed work with NPS units or NPS I&M programs. In the absence of direct co-production, collaborative approaches that involve NPS regional or relevant national-level NPS programs (e.g., Park Planning, Facilities, and Lands; Climate Change Response Program) are also acceptable. Note that proposal review and selection will be conducted in cooperation with NPS personnel from park units, the Alaska Regional Office, or national-level programs as part of a larger effort to enhance interagency cooperation on climate adaptation issues.

Submission Portal

All documents must be submitted to the USGS RFP Manger, where the full RFP can also be accessed by the dropdown menu “Download documents/templates.”