Learn about the unique CASC collaboration studying ridge-to-reef and icefield-to-ocean connections across the Pacific

graphic of coastal mountains showing the connection between ridge to reef on one side and icefield to ocean on the other, with the alaska and pacific islands climate adaptation science center logos

Thousands of miles from the temperate rainforest of Alaska’s southern panhandle, the tropical watersheds of the Pacific Islands face surprisingly similar challenges in a changing climate. 

As steep watersheds with dramatic environmental gradients are key features of both regions, researchers take a watershed-encompassing view to study ecosystems from ridge to reef in the Pacific Islands, and from icefield to ocean in Alaska. 

As these watershed ecosystems undergo climate-driven changes, the Alaska and Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Centers have joined forces to address similar local challenges together, in a collaboration unique to the CASC network. Research conducted jointly by Alaska and Pacific Islands CASC scientists will look at the impact of changing streamflow patterns on salmon and coastal nutrients, future precipitation extremes, and how shifts in ecosystem processes will affect local species and communities.

Learn more about the Pacific Islands-Alaska CASC Collaboration and projects on our new webpage.