AK CASC at AGU 2021

The 2021 American Geophysical Union fall meeting begins next week, held both virtually and in New Orleans. AK CASC scientists and fellows will be presenting and convening sessions on a range of topics in climate research, communicating science, and more.

Visit the IARC science at AGU 2021 guide a full list of AGU 2021 participants from the International Arctic Research Center and information about the University of Alaska Fairbanks booth. For updates during the meeting, follow IARC on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Monday, December 13

PresenterPresentation or event titleTime (Alaska)Type
Kristin TimmScience and Society Showcase: Part 19:45-11:00Panel (Hybrid)
Christine WaiglQuantitative and Qualitative Insights into Boreal Forest Fire Fuel Type and Condition from Tree-Scale Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy13:00-15:00Poster (Hybrid)
Peter BieniekEvaluating possible future rain in winter hazards for major communities in Alaska and the Yukon Territory16:00-18:00Poster (Hybrid)

Tuesday, December 14

Joanna YoungInspiring Girls Expeditions of Alaska: A model for mentorship and stimulating interest in field sciences for high school youth and early career professionals (Invited)05:28-05:33Talk (Virtual)
Gabe Wolken, Uma BhattArctic Report Card rollout06:00-07:30Press Conference (Virtual)
Brian BumaShort interval fires increasing in the boreal forest over multi-decadal time periods, especially in drier coniferous forest landscapes10:20-10:25Talk (Hybrid)
Adam YoungThe varying strength and impact of negative fire-vegetation feedbacks across the North American boreal forest biome13:00-15:00Poster (Virtual)

Thursday, December 16

Uma BhattA community of practice approach to improving and communicating seasonal sea-ice forecasts05:05-05:10Talk (Virtual)
Kristin Timm (co-chair)Science and Society: Science Communication Practice, Research, and Reflection13:00-14:15eLightning (Hybrid)
Kristin TimmUAF’s Climate Scholars Program: Forging A New Model for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership in Climate Change Education13:00-15:00Poster (Hybrid)
Kristin Timm (co-chair)Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFTs) Climate Change at the Undergraduate Level I Poster13:00-15:00Poster (Hybrid)
Jessica Garron (Presenting Author)Application of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Course to Develop Remote Sensing Researcher Skills for Arctic Research and Public Service Missions Operations13:00-15:00Poster (Hybrid)
Ryan TooheyRegional ground water and surface water interactions due to changing active layer dynamics in the Yukon River Basin13:00-15:00Poster (Hybrid)
Kristin Timm, Julian DannThe cryosphere and climate change communication: Messengers, messages, and outcomes of framing climate change as thawing ice13:06Talk (Hybrid)

Friday, December 17

Stephanie McAfeeCoordinating scientific and operational needs in region weather station network design13:00-15:00Poster (Hybrid)