Researchers travel by ski to remote locations on the Juneau Icefield to collect snow and melt measurements in April 2015.

Glacier runoff from one of the largest icefields in North America has been increasing for more than three decades, AK CASC researchers have found. As the Juneau Icefield continues to lose mass, the flow will…

cover of the suicide basin outburst flood story map

Each year since 2011, flooding from Suicide Basin, a glacier-dammed lake along Mendenhall Glacier, has impacted residents in the highly populated Mendenhall Valley in Juneau. AK CASC scientists at the University of Alaska Southeast have…

AK CASC Annual Report 2020

The AK CASC Annual Report 2020 highlights developments over the last year while also diving deeper into the work of our scientists and staff.

working on a glacier

Rappelling down rock cliffs, rafting across glacial lakes, and traversing icy crevasses ‚Äì it’s all part of the job for glaciologists monitoring glacial outburst floods in Alaska.