USGS releases new water cycle illustrations

Water Cycle illustration.

The USGS has published a series of water cycle diagrams which illustrate the flow of water through natural and human-impacted earth systems.

Whether as frozen highways, churning seas, or thawed rivers and streams full of fish and vessel traffic – life in Alaska revolves around water. New water cycle diagrams from the USGS illustrate the path of water as it interacts with snowfields, permafrost, rivers, glaciers and lakes on its way to the ocean. The inclusion of details particular to our cryosphere shows both how water circulates in unique ways at high latitudes and altitudes, and how our watersheds are similar to any others around the globe.

Versions of the diagrams designed for both print and digital use are available for kids, with clear applications for grade school students. More detailed diagrams are available in English and Spanish for those who wish to dive deeper into human impacts on the water cycle as well. These more complex diagrams detail evapotranspiration effects in agricultural settings, the role of water with groundwater and industrial use, and the impacts of climate change on the water cycle.

Visit the USGS website to see all of the versions of this water cycle educational resource.