Sarah Clement

Role at AK CASC: Program Coordinator

Group: Staff

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Phone:  907-774-1939

I learned of Girls on Ice and Inspiring Girls Expeditions while studying for my master’s degree in environmental education at the North Cascades Institute in Washington, where the Girls on Ice Cascades team finishes their expedition each year. In the final weeks of my degree in early 2018, I learned about a program coordinator position with Inspiring Girls in Alaska, and I applied because I thought it was unlikely I would find another program so aligned with my interests and passions. I moved to Fairbanks four days after graduation, having never visited Alaska before.

Though I have grown to love the seasons of interior Alaska, I call the Pacific Northwest home. I grew up in Seattle and got my undergraduate degree in environmental studies in Portland. I learned to hike, camp, backpack, and canoe in and around the Cascades, only leaving to try a new ecosystem in the high mountains of Colorado after graduating from college. I joined Outward Bound for two seasons in Leadville, where I stayed in the off seasons and experienced my first real winters. The excitement of snow on the ground all winter long has still not worn off, which made my first winter in Fairbanks much more enjoyable!

I bring a background in informal and outdoor education to Inspiring Girls, as well as a deep love for logistics and and somewhat inexplicable joy in organizing the Google Drive. Outside of work, I love getting know interior Alaska by foot, ski, bike, or boat.