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Digging for the future of shellfish: AK CASC and Tribal researchers work together to understand changes to a valued subsistence resource

By Molly Tankersley | September 20, 2022
three people sit on a rocky beach holding shellfish

As the tide creeps up the shoreline at Juneau’s Amalga Harbor, AK CASC-supported researcher John Harley works shoulder to shoulder with collaborators from the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA),…

working on a glacier

A season of research on glacier-dammed lakes

By Molly Tankersley | August 9, 2018

Rappelling down rock cliffs, rafting across glacial lakes, and traversing icy crevasses ‚Äì it’s all part of the job for glaciologists monitoring glacial outburst floods in Alaska.


Between the lines: Tree rings reveal avalanche history

By Molly Tankersley | June 21, 2018

Come late May in southeast Alaska, AK CASC scientists Eran Hood and Gabriel Wolken have something unexpected on their minds: snow. Specifically, avalanches.

climate maps

Web tool offers local climate information

By Molly Tankersley | June 6, 2018

A new web-based tool will allow communities in Alaska and western Canada to see how global climate change could affect their regions.
A team in the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks created the tool, which transforms predictions from global climate models into more detailed information about local conditions.

vegetation types map of alaska

Integrated Ecosystem Model

By IARC Web Design | April 12, 2018

David McGuire, the Principal Investigator of the Integrated Ecosystem Model (IEM) project and Amy Breen, a project manager and research professor affiliated with the IEM project, discuss the IEM project, its goals, and significance for studying and managing climate change in Alaska and Northwest Canada.

group walking on a glacier

Girls on Ice Alaska

By IARC Web Design | March 5, 2017

The Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center met with Joanna Young, co-director and co-instructor for the Girls on Ice Alaska (GOI Alaska) program. Since GOI Alaska began in 2012, the AK CASC has been the primary supporter of this innovative science outreach program.