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Scientists assess future landslide risk in Alaska’s national parks

By Mike Delue | April 5, 2023

Original article by Heather McFarland The Pretty Rocks landslide, spurred by greater warmth and rainfall, will force Denali National Park’s main access road to close at the halfway point in 2023 for the second full…

Map of RoS events across Alaska.

Alaska Rain-on-Snow Event Data Now Available

By Mike Delue | September 10, 2020

Data on Rain-on-Snow events across Alaska are now available.

cover of the suicide basin outburst flood story map

Hidden Water: View the Suicide Basin Story Map

By Molly Tankersley | September 3, 2020

Each year since 2011, flooding from Suicide Basin, a glacier-dammed lake along Mendenhall Glacier, has impacted residents in the highly populated Mendenhall Valley in Juneau. AK CASC scientists at the University of Alaska Southeast have…

two people walk in rain gear on a beach

AK CASC adapts to COVID-19 impacts

By Molly Tankersley | September 1, 2020

In the midst of the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic, the AK CASC has adapted to a new, virtual mode of operation and found new opportunities in the current limitations. Despite challenges in conducting fieldwork, hiring…

salmon in river

Position Opening: M.S. Graduate Research Assistantship in Southeast Alaska Hydrology and Juvenile Salmon Ecology

By Molly Tankersley | August 20, 2020

The successful applicant will be part of a multidisciplinary study to link fine-scale hydrologic variation with juvenile salmon growth in Southeast Alaska streams.

Suicide basin video 2 thumbnail

Watch: How researchers study glacial lake outburst floods in Juneau

By Molly Tankersley | August 19, 2020

The AK CASC has released the second video in a short series on glacial outburst flooding at Suicide Basin in Juneau. Following the first video, the recent addition highlights research in the basin and how…