News from AK CASC

Applications open for tuition-free youth science and art expeditions

By Mike Delue | November 27, 2023
A group of young women traverse a glacier on a rope safety line under a gray sky.

Inspiring Girls* Expeditions Alaska is inviting applications for a unique suite of tuition-free backcountry science and art education programs in summer 2024.

We want your input to improve the CASC Project Explorer

By Mike Delue | August 12, 2020

A new survey from the AK CASC aims to improve the experience of using the CASC Project Explorer website.

a sample temperature map of southeast alaska

High-resolution climate projections for Southeast Alaska

By Molly Tankersley | August 4, 2020

Planning for the future in the complex landscape of Southeast Alaska is a challenging task.

AK CASC Annual Report 2020

Annual Report – 2020 Year in Review

By Mike Delue | July 13, 2020

The AK CASC Annual Report 2020 highlights developments over the last year while also diving deeper into the work of our scientists and staff.

title slide: Hidden Waters: The Suicide Basin Outburst Flood

Watch: New AK CASC video on glacial lake outburst floods in Juneau

By Molly Tankersley | July 1, 2020

Check out the first video in a short series on glacial outburst flooding at Suicide Basin, in Juneau.

The AK CASC has been working with partners to monitoring the basin for several years to better understand and predict flooding events.

White smoke rising from the tundra in front of the Baird Mountains.

New CASC publication examines changes in lightning activity across the Alaska interior

By Mike Delue | June 25, 2020

Recently published research uses downscaled climate data to better understand past changes in lightning activity, and forecast what the future may hold.